Realtors: Start Thinking Spring

Spring flowers.jpeg

If I stand on one leg, say the word spring 10 times with one eye closed maybe spring will come right now! Look at you trying it. Aww, didn't work. Probably should have closed both eyes. 

We all know spring brings warm air, plants begin to bud, animals loose their winter coat, but what about your clients home?  Realtors, we know that spring is a busy season.  If your clients need a regrout, cleaning or retiling now is the time to start scheduling.   

Our calendar is filling up and we want your clients home to look ahhmazing!  Are you unsure of what your clients bathroom needs?  Schedule a free estimate!  Our estimators know their "stuff" and they can type up a plan for you.

Realtors....start thinking spring!

Deidre N. Victoria