About Us

Michael Looney started Looney’s Tile and Grout in 2009. Originally a cleaning and tile restoration company, our reputation for quality grew and so did our portfolio of services. We are proud Class A licensed Contractors!

There are many perspectives on what the home improvement industry should be, but we believe that the minimum standard of excellence is being licensed and insured, delivering quality craftsmanship, calling on our way to a job, being on time for appointments and project deadlines.


In that philanthropic spirit, we have created Sealing for Seniors. Sealing for Seniors is a non-profit program that enhances the quality of life for local seniors on a fixed income. We restore their shower, bath or floor at no charge. Albeit a small gesture, by restoring the bathroom or floor for a senior who otherwise could not afford this service, we hope to restore some portion of their quality of life.

We serve one qualified senior per month. If you would like to nominate a senior with this need, please use our contact us page.

Qualifications are based on age and income. Please call us at (703) 999-1933 for questions.

Thank you to all our clients who support us so that we may, in turn, support our community.



Sealing for Seniors



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